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REDRAGON A117 Mechanical Switch LUBE

490 EGP
403 EGP

  • KEYBOARD SWITCH LUBRICANT: Maintain the best-sounding, smoothest click, and highest-quality keyboard with the Redragon Keyboard Switch Lubricant. *Please Note* Brushes not included with purchase, lubricant only.
  • DIY KEYBOARD ENTHUSIASTS: This jar of lubricate weighs about 0.35 oz, you can grease up to 300 switches!
  • IMPROVE YOUR DIY MECHANICAL KEYBOARD: Experience a smoother click, less rattling, and a reduced tactile bump after treating your mechanical keyboard with this grease. Using the Redragon Switch Lube can help to prolong the life of your favorite DIY keyboard.
  • EASY-TO-USE SWITCH LUBE: Improve the sound and touch of your mechanical keyboard. If your keys are jammed, scratchy, dull, loose, or have a weak spring-back this Redragon Lubricant will revitalize your DIY keyboard.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The DIY Keyboard Lube works with different mechanical keyboard switches including linear, clicky, and tactile keycaps. It can even grease keyboard stabilizers, springs, and balance bars.
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REDRAGON A117 Mechanical Switch LUBE

490 EGP
403 EGP
Redragon Mechanical Keyboard Lubricant for mechanical DIY keys


High-Performance Mechanical Keyboard Switch Lubricant

Compatible With:


  • Mechanical Keyboards
  • Clicky, Tactile, Linear Keyboard Switches
  • Satellite Bar
  • Balance Bar
  • Springs and Coils


Why Lube Your Keyboard Switches?:


  • Smoother Click
  • Less Rattling
  • Improved Bounce-Back, Sound &Feel
  • Reduced Tactile Bump Scratch
  • Regular Maintenance



  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Synthetic Grease
  • Weight: 0.35 Oz
  • Use: Up to 300 Switches
  • Application: Apply a thin layer of oil
  • Storage Instructions: Sealed and stored in a cool, dry area. No expiration date.

Redragon DIY Mechanical Keyboard Lubricant Redragon synthetic lubing grease works great with all kinds of switches, springs, and stabilizers.

Lube can be used on mouse scroll, laptop brackets, video game joystick & pc fans

Switch Lubricant for DIY Mechanical Keyboards and Keycaps

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